The Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Chapter Mentorship Program!

Applications for mentees are still being accepted. Please contact or if you are interested in applying for a mentor. 


The Mentorship Program is designed to match a relatively junior fundraiser with someone in the industry who has more experience in an area or areas they would like to learn more about. For the mentee or apprentice, it provides an informal career pathway that addresses the pragmatic side of fundraising, rather than the more formal educational side that the CFRE course of study entails. It is designed for those who wish to acquire a particular expertise, learn about the culture of a different sector, or learn how a skilled professional operates. The mentors enjoy a one-on-one relationship that is professionally relevant and meaningful.

It is a collegial and non-judgmental opportunity for our pairs to advance their knowledge and understanding of the philanthropic sector. An added bonus for all participants is the relationships they will have within the wider mentorship program. They will be members of an elite group of people who are actively moving forward in the sector – people who can be called on at any time as a peer.

Who Should Apply

Mentees must be a current AFP Vancouver member to apply. We are looking for mentors who have knowledge and experience and who would like to "give back" to their profession. Mentee candidates must be currently employed as fundraising professionals and must demonstrate, in their applications, their firm commitment to the profession and to learning. Spaces are limited and the program is open to enthusiastic, dedicated fundraisers who are passionate about learning best practices in the field. 

Selection Process

The selection committee matches mentors and mentees based on the needs
 of the mentee and the experience of the mentor. The program is apprentice-driven – that is, it is structured entirely around the professional development needs of the mentee. However, we encourage mentors to be very specific in their applications about their wishes, including the level of experience their ideal mentee should have and what specific areas of expertise they wish to share.

The Expectations

Pairs are expected to meet regularly and have one face-to-face meeting each month. It is important for the mentee to ensure that meetings are scheduled and located at the convenience of the mentor and that agendas are prepared and circulated beforehand. This will enable the mentor to properly prepare for the meeting. In addition to monthly meetings, both mentors and mentees are expected to attend our two professional development sessions for the program:

  • Mentorship Pro-D Roundtable and AFP AGM - June 20, 2019

Intake and Application Forms

Applications are submitted using one of two online forms (linked below). Matching of mentor/mentee pairs take place as soon as possible and a member of the Mentorship Committee contacts those who have been matched prior to an intake session held shortly thereafter.  

Handouts and Resources


Please send any questions to our office at