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Director of Development - BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

Vancouver, BC

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Public Health has been shown time and again to be the most important determinant of society’s wellbeing and the past few years have brought an unprecedented focus to the need for effective public health and public health programs in BC. The COVID19 pandemic, overdose crisis, heat waves – to name only a few issues – have caused British Columbians to completely reframe the thinking around health. Now there is a better understanding of the need for strong public health programs, research, services, leadership, and advocacy. 

This thinking and attention lend great opportunity and momentum to the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health (BCCDC Foundation). The Foundation was established as the fundraising partner of the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), to improve population and public health outcomes in partnership with the BCCDC and other stakeholders.

The BCCDC Foundation puts healthy humans at the centre of health planning and funding. A young organization founded a few years ago, the BCCDC Foundation has undergone critically important planning and development that allowed us to take on an expanded portfolio and grow our reach. 

The only Foundation of its kind in Canada, BCCDC Foundation and its partners are building the model for public health that can be emulated across the country, and are best positioned to do so. For instance, with COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to support pandemic response efforts and are positioned to continue this work to enhance our public health system in BC to prepare for and respond to future emerging threats.

We are at an inflection point in BC’s health care landscape. To leverage and capitalize on this climate of opportunity, the BCCDC Foundation has created the role of Director of Development to enhance and grow our burgeoning fundraising activities, build on our momentum and successes, and continue our growth trajectory. This is an unparalleled opportunity for someone looking to build a relatively new program in a unique and growing organization. 

This position is a great opportunity for a fundraising leader who:

  • is excited by the prospect of building BC’s public health capacity during this crucial post-pandemic time;
  • wants to be part of building an innovative and unique organization;
  • works well with a small dynamic team;
  • is keen to shape and direct the Foundation’s fundraising program as our in-house authority and subject matter expert.


The BCCDC Foundation convenes, collaborates, and leverages relationships with internal and external partners to drive innovation that advances population and public health for British Columbians. 

Established to protect and promote health, prevent harm, and prepare for threats by inspiring vision and philanthropy, the BCCDC Foundation envisions people living in health communities protected from infectious disease and environmental health hazards through innovative research and collaborative public health solutions. 

Our aim is to improve population and public health outcomes. By working on key health promotion, prevention, and equity initiatives, our goal is to positively shift the health of our population and reduce the burden of disease and injury. In addition to our cross-cutting themes that underpin our work—health equity, partnerships, and technology—our priorities are: reducing harms; addressing threats; and emerging areas. Through our primary partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control we advance public health in BC and beyond.

VISION: People living in healthy communities protected from infectious disease and environmental health hazards through innovative research and collaborative public health solutions.

MISSION: To protect and promote health, prevent harm, and prepare for threats by inspiring vision and philanthropy.


  • Diversify funding prospects and increase opportunities. 
  • Create organizational and financial sustainability.
  • Identify key projects in our priority areas.
  • Raise our profile and advance public health.
  • Build our reputation and become recognized as leading public health charity.
  • Work with and convene our partners and the public, and build relationships.

As the philanthropic partner of the BCCDC, BC’s government public health agency and BC’s main public health charity, the Foundation operates as a tax-exempt charity with its own Board and administration; as such, it is an arm’s length organization in place to support the BCCDC and public health broadly. Though a distinct entity, the Foundation is embedded within the BCCDC, allowing for unique functional and structural synergies, both within BCCDC and with other government entities. The BCCDC Foundation is modelled in a way that we can support public health and the BCCDC in unique ways through fundraising, grants and awards, communications, knowledge translation, as well as public education and awareness. By bringing these aspects to the excellent work of the BCCDC and the public health system, we provide a value-add for BC.

Broadly speaking, we seek to:

  • Prepare for future threats, support and enhance pandemic and future emerging infectious disease preparedness;
  • Build public health capacity and responsiveness now, and for the future;
  • Support actions on “Health in all”, health equity, and social determinants;
  • Better protect British Columbians from health crises, strengthen resilience and lasting equitable opportunities.

Our funded initiatives and recent accomplishments include:

  • Compassion, Inclusion, & Engagement (CIE) is a partnership program between the BCCDC, the First Nations Health Authority, and the BCCDC Foundation, that empowers people with lived and living experience of substance use (peers) to take action and stop overdose in their community. The work that peers do is based in public health, saving lives, and ending the overdose crisis.
  • Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Research Initiative in BC is an innovative rapid-response initiative, the result of a partnership with Genome BC and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to address vaccine research priorities, coming together to leverage and share our resources. The main goal of this provincial initiative is to fund BC-based research solutions in priority areas that will have significant potential for fast impact on the COVID-19 pandemic in BC. With a collective funding allocation of around $1.3 million, this initiative is able to support 9 research projects that will address areas such as: vaccine breakthrough infections, vaccine effectiveness, equitable distribution, vaccine acceptance and attitudes, as well as literacy and hesitancy.
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Change Efforts (SOGIECE) Dialogue Event & Research, The Foundation, funded by Community-Based Research Centre, organized the Vancouver Dialogue, a conversation that supported survivors of SOGIECE (also known as “conversion therapy”) in telling their stories in a supportive, affirming, and collaborative environment. This event was a catalyst for broader research priorities around supporting the health and wellness needs of SOGIECE survivors. Because the health of LGBTQ2S+ communities is an essential part of public health, the stories and collective expertise from the Vancouver Dialogue was used to form important research questions, with the aims of empowering survivors, identifying how to best support the health and wellness of LGBTQ2S+ youth and adult survivors, how to create institutional change, and what advocacy can be done to end SOGIECE practices in Canada.

For more information about the Foundation, see


The Foundation is delighted to have a community of private supporters strongly express their belief in our work, and have provided a five-fold increase in their support from five short years ago.  Foundation donors support us through a variety of giving vehicles, like annual giving, corporate support, monthly giving, major gifts, and foundation grants, and last year our community of private supporters gave us just under $500,000.

As we build for the future, we are on the cusp of a groundbreaking opportunity to leverage significant public support through a matching campaign with the public, foundations, and corporate partners.

Our three priority areas are: reducing harms, addressing threats, and emerging areas, each with their own key projects.

Reducing Harms

Substance use is a health issue, not a moral one. This is a public health crisis affecting the entire country. Unintentional drug overdoses have become a public health epidemic, and despite a declaration of a public health emergency in 2016 and continuous efforts to resolve the crisis, many people are still dying. The response to the overdose crisis has been extensive, and through harm reduction strategies and services lives are being saved. To compound the challenge of the overdose crisis further, we’re also contending with the spread of communicable diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C associated with substance use. Related projects promote harm reduction, anti-stigma education, and address putting an end to the overdose epidemic such as:

  • The Compassion, Inclusion, Engagement Program (CIE) is a province-wide program that builds capacity for emerging peer (people with lived experience) groups to organize and engage in anti-stigma, harm reduction, and overdose response work in their communities. CIE develops skills and capacity for these groups to grow and ultimately become self-sustaining, and provides grants to carry out their work.
  • Identifying Solutions for the Safer Supply of Drug: Projects that identify solutions to how a safer supply of drugs is vitally important in ending the overdose epidemic. The majority of overdose deaths are the result of a highly toxic illicit supply, and a safer supply can end the growing number of overdose deaths.
  • Public Education About Important Issues like Stigma, Substance Use, and Safer Supply: Public opinion influences law, policy, institutions and systems, and creates additional harms for people who use drugs. We want to work alongside peers and activists in educating people about what a safer supply means and why substance use is a health issue, not a moral one. By educating the public and raising awareness, we have the opportunity to effect change across the country.

Addressing Threats

The bedrock of public health is in the detection of and response to infectious diseases and environmental hazards, as well as prevention efforts to protect the health of our population. Key examples of this work at BCCDC and elsewhere include vaccination, outbreak detection and response, monitoring and treatment of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections, preventing chronic diseases and injuries, creating safe and healthy environments, and much more. To support collaboration, innovation and surge capacity, the BCCDC brings disease surveillance, detection, and prevention, and other areas, together into one centre that, at its core, takes care of people and works to create the healthy human. With the help of BCCDC Foundation donors, innovative projects and programs are developed, such as:  

  • Preventing Childhood Asthma: Asthma is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease—being able to reverse the asthma epidemic would save hundreds of thousands of children across the country from unnecessary suffering, their families from worry, and alleviate massive burden on our health care system. What if we could prevent generations of children from having to suffer from asthma? The Foundation is supporting new research that suggests just that. New evidence suggests that limiting antibiotic use in infants can lead to fewer cases of asthma in children by preserving a healthy gut microbiome.

Emerging Areas 

Our Emerging Areas priority holds two funds, the Emergency Response Fund and the Driving Innovation Fund:

  • Emergency Response Fund: The Emergency Response Fund supports rapid-response activities to public health emergencies. Established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emergency Response Fund supports activities to address the novel coronavirus, and future outbreaks or emergencies. Donations support a range of activities including research, equipment and lab technology, expert personnel, data management and visualizations, knowledge translation, and more depending on developing situations. These funds are flexible and needed immediately in times of emergency, and allow experts and leaders in health to protect our population.
  • The Driving Innovation Fund: flexible and broad funding for growth, innovation, and development of new ideas and initiatives. It supports the awareness-raising and public education of what public health really is, how it’s important to everyone, and provides general support for all areas of public health. It helps us advance state of the art technology and improve the health of British Columbia.


Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Director of Development leads the fund development program that fulfils:

  • The strategic plan and priorities;
  • Organizational and financial growth and sustainability;
  • Consistent achievement of the mission, vision, and mandate of the BCCDC Foundation;
  • Ensuring the BCCDC Foundation continues to successfully grow its reputation, influence, and impact as a public health charity.

The Director provides daily oversight and direction to the Development and Communications Manager, partners closely with Board members as needed, and works closely with a small but strong and creative team, to grow our influence, reputation, and impact.  

The Director of Development has overall fund development strategic, leadership, programmatic, operational, and financial responsibilities. Specifically, they include:

Strategy & Planning

  • Develop, in partnership with the ED, the Foundation’s long-range fundraising strategy, aligned with the Foundation’s strategic goals and mission
  • Establish the fundraising strategy’s operations plan, including but not limited to goals and metrics, fundraising tactics, and required resourcing.
  • Develop, provide oversight for, and report on key metrics, targets, and goals related to overall strategy, annual plans, and special initiatives.

Fundraising Oversight & Leadership

  • Establish and lead a matching campaign to support a new large multi-year funding program. 
  • Direct oversight and execution of all Foundation fundraising programs, including annual and monthly giving, foundations and grants, corporate support, and major and legacy giving.
  • Assess and explore other viable fundraising programs as appropriate.
  • Build relationships with external stakeholders, partners, funders, and donors; cultivate and solicit gifts according to prospects’ capacity, links, and interest.
  • Develop fundraising priorities and opportunities for research and other activities in public health; ensure clearly articulated case statements exist for all priority areas.
  • Ensure alignment between the Foundation’s best and most viable fundraising activities and the Foundation’s potential; work to create financial sustainability and revenue diversity.
  • Collaborate closely with the ED on strategic direction, partnership development, and donor engagement.
  • Provide opportunities for Board engagement in fundraising, as appropriate.
  • Prepare reports for the ED and Board of Directors and support relevant committees.
  • Develop and implement stewardship activities.
  • Work with external stakeholders such as regional health authorities and BC government ministries, and other non-profit, for-profit, university, and government stakeholders as needed.
  • Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with relevant foundations, community groups, and organizations.
  • Work with BCCDC faculty and experts on projects and collaborative activities. 
  • Ensure adequate procedures and policies are in place and stay up to date on fundraising legislation, as well as financial reporting transparency with government and other regulatory and funding bodies.
  • Make recommendations to the ED regarding departmental growth and hiring or consultant needs, as appropriate, and support recruitment, on-boarding, and retainment and all related policies and procedures. 
  • Provide leadership and management to the Development and Communications Manager, coaching and mentoring to ensure their success.
  • Develop and oversee all professional training, cross-departmental training, culture, and team-building.

Foundation Leadership & Internal Collaboration

  • Act a senior leader within the Foundation, supporting organization strategy and planning across the Foundation.
  • Foster a culture of respect, positivity, and trust, as well as an environment that supports teamwork and cooperation.
  • Collaborate with the Communications Department on fundraising communications and plans, including email acquisition strategies. 
  • Collaborate with, and provide guidance to, the Operations Department, and ensure fund development administrative functions and processes have rigorous procedures and policies, while also making recommendations as needed.
  • Provide input for annual operating and program budgets, as needed. 
  • Represent the organization at community events, networking opportunities, or other engagement activities.​​​​​​
Salary Range:
$75,000 - $100,000

Job Requirements

Qualifications & Experience

  • Proven experience in a broad and comprehensive fundraising program, including annual giving, major gifts, grant applications, planned giving, events, and corporate giving.
  • Exposure to a growing and dynamic charity is particularly helpful.
  • Knowledge of public health, the health landscape in BC, and science would be a strong asset; at a minimum, a keen interest and desire to learn about public health.
  • Demonstrated skills in relationship-building, planning, and organizing fundraising initiatives.
  • Experience with effectively directing organizational operations and planning toward the achievement of organizational goals and growth.
  • Ability to leverage internal resources and relationships, such as senior staff leadership and key volunteers.
  • Capacity to lead direct reports to success.
  • Proven experience working across a diverse and complex environment, inspiring colleagues and engaging proactively with other team members.
  • Strong communicator, verbal and written.
  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • As we transition to a post-pandemic world, we will remain partially remote with use of a shared office space until such a time as we can acquire additional space. 
  • Ability to work flexible hours on occasion, based on predictable activities like early meetings and late events.


To be most successful, the new Director will possess the following traits and aptitudes:  

  • A builder. Keen on the idea of creating and being a part of a unique and growing organization. Comfort with growth and change. Analytical. A thoughtful risk-taker.
  • Driven and perseverant. Undaunted by challenges, and approaches opportunities with an open and positive mindset. Self-motivated and tenacious.  
  • Adaptable. Smart and clever with flexible thinking and a creative outlook. Able to deal with the unexpected. Models and enables creative thinking, curiosity, and innovation to create new solutions. An excellent problem-solver.
  • Ambitious. Visionary, and comfortable pushing the status quo. Thinks of the big picture. 
  • Collaborative. A true team player without ego or pretention, yet confident in their abilities and expertise. Cultivates strong and trusting relationships. Values good and open communication.  Fosters respect, authenticity, emotional intelligence, responsibility, and accountability. 
  • Mission-aligned and dedicated. Holds genuine excitement for the Foundation’s mission and is willing to immerse themselves in public health, the social determinants of health, and harm reduction. Socially and politically progressive and open minded. Passionate and caring.  Committed to equity and inclusion. Committed to social justice, anti-racism, and anti-Indigenous racism.

How To Apply

BCCDC Foundation for Public Health has engaged The Discovery Group to lead this recruitment.

We welcome and encourage candidate questions and curiosity.

To learn more or to apply, please contact Christoph Clodius, Vice President of The Discovery Group, at 604-836-1972, or

Applications are requested by August 13th 2021.

The candidate selection and evaluation process will begin following the application.

Applications are invited from all qualified individuals regardless of disability, culture, ethnicity, race, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, or religion.