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President & Chief Development Officer - HEALTH SCIENCES NORTH

Vancouver, BC

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Health Sciences North’s four fundraising and volunteer organizations are combining forces for a new and exciting collaborative venture to better serve our communities and constituents.  Together, the Health Sciences North Foundation, the Health Sciences North Volunteer Association, the NEO Kids Foundation and the Northern Cancer Foundation are seeking a new shared President and Chief Development Officer.

As we continue to move forward with a common goal of improving and ensuring quality healthcare, teaching and research in Northeastern Ontario, we recognize the need to build our overall strategic fundraising capacity and results by increasing collaboration between our four fundraising organizations.  We have addressed these important needs and opportunities with a new joint memorandum of understanding.  The key component of our agreement is the addition of a new shared President and CDO who will ensure that we capitalize on new opportunities, while continuing to leverage what’s best from our current organizations – four engaged boards and strong brands, outstanding staff, committed volunteers and generous donors. 

In this newly created role, the President & CDO will be responsible for the overall leadership, executive management, and success of our fundraising organizations and volunteer services. The new incumbent will also serve as Chief Development Officer of Health Sciences North (HSN) and the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) and serve as a member of the Senior Leadership Committee of Health Sciences North and Health Sciences North Research Institute.

The President & CDO will report to the Board of Directors of each of the four fundraising organizations, (HSNF, NKF, NCF, HSNVA) and to the President and CEO of HSN and HSNRI.  These leaders comprise the Performance Review Committee who will work together to set the new incumbent`s annual goals and carry out annual performance reviews. 


Health Sciences North (HSN) is an academic health sciences centre whose new Purpose statement is to provide high quality health services, support learning and generate research that improves health outcomes for the people of Northeastern Ontario. With 4,000 employees in 24 locations in Greater Sudbury and across Northeastern Ontario, 500 physicians, 2,100 learners, 700 volunteers and 479 beds, HSN is one of Northern Ontario’s largest employers, its largest hospital, and ranks among Canada’s Top 40 research hospitals. 

We are proudly affiliated with Laurentian University and its Northern Ontario School of Medicine.   HSN’s current operating budget exceeds $510 million.

As the tertiary care centre for Northeastern Ontario’s population of 571,000, HSN offers a variety of programs and services that meet many patient care needs, including the provision of world-class care in areas such as cancer, neuroscience and vascular surgery, and leading regional programs in the areas of cardiac care, oncology, nephrology, trauma, and rehabilitation. 

HSN ranks among the Top 10% of 680 North American hospitals on the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®) administered by the American College of Surgeons and in the Top 5 of Ontario’s 13 regional cancer programs on improvement indicators. Patient experience survey results are above the average of Ontario academic hospitals on most indicators.

HSN’s Clinical departments include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Community Care and Rehabilitation
  • Regional Nephrology Program
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • NEO Kids and Family
  • Northeast Specialized Geriatric Centre

It has a balanced budget and launched on February 5th a focused four-page 2019-2024 Strategic Plan articulating three commitments, five values, five key goals and 19 associated outcomes to be achieved in the next six years. The five key goals are:HSN is also completing in 2019 a $9 million expansion to house a PET-CT for Northeastern Ontario.

  • Be Patient and Family-Focused;
  • Be Digitally-Enabled;
  • Be Socially Accountable;
  • Support and develop our people;
  • Strengthen our academic and research impact.

Education at Health Sciences North

As an academic health sciences centre, HSN works with its partners to provide valuable learning experiences across a variety of disciplines.  HSN supports learners through enriching co-operative education programs, secondary and post-secondary school placements, internships, residencies, and fellowships.

HSN’s key education partners include Laurentian University, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Cambrian College and Collège Boréal.

The new Labelle Innovation and Learning Centre, a $26 million state-of-the-art expansion of the Ramsey Lake Health Centre, will be completed in early 2020. The Marcel and Frances Labelle Foundation announced on January 31st a $5 million gift, the largest private gift to a Northern Ontario hospital.

Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI)

HSNRI is the affiliated research institute of Health Sciences North. It opened a new $19 million facility in 2017 and plays a key role in strengthening HSN’s academic and research impact. The aspiration is to progress as an academic health science centre, through regional, provincial, national and international collaborations.

Two Strategic Plan outcomes specific to research will be achieved by 2024:

  • Champion a regional health innovation cluster starting with Laurentian University, Lakehead University, NOSM, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay Regional Health Institute and the newly-launched Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) North.
  • Support research efforts of researchers and medical staff that are favourably peer-reviewed, partially funded through external sources and involve collaborations. Support will include space and access to HSNRI scientists, inclusive of ICES North, statisticians, grant-writers and administrative staff. Collaborative research towards Cancer Solutions, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Aging and Indigenous Health will be advanced.

For more information regarding the Health Sciences North Research Institute:


HSN’s success would not be possible without the continuous support of volunteers, patients, family advisors and our Foundations.  In the last two years, total annual revenues averaged $5.7 million across the four organizations and assets total $20 million.

In September 2018, the HSN Board approved specific fundraising priorities for each of the foundations and for the HSN Volunteer Association. These priorities were focused on equipment including a second MRI, research and capital for the expansion of NEO Kids.  The priorities are expected to evolve in mid-2019 with the approval by the HSN Board of a new 2019-24 strategic plan, a new digital health strategy and a new capital master plan.   

Health Sciences North Foundation (HSNF)

HSNF celebrated 20 years of supporting health care excellence in 2018. HSNF raises funds for improvements in patient care and specialized equipment, as well as teaching and research. This past year, the foundation successfully raised $5.4 million towards the construction and equipment of the new HSN Learners’ Centre which is expected to be completed in early 2020. 

For more information on Health Sciences North Foundation:

The Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF)

NCF was formed in 1992 with the mission of raising funds throughout the Northeastern Ontario region to support cancer research and cancer care programs of the Northeast Cancer Center (NCC) of HSN. NCF invested over $2 million in patient care, research and equipment at the Northeast Cancer Centre in 2017-18.  The Foundation is looking forward to celebrating the completion of the PET-CT suite in 2019.  The PET is an important diagnostic tool that helps in the detection of certain forms of cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions. This machine will improve patients’ access to care and will save over 477,000 km in health travel annually by HSN patients.

For more information on Northern Cancer Foundation:

NEO Kids Foundation (NKF)

In the three years since its establishment, NKF has raised over $6.5 million in pledges and donations in support of NEO Kids vital services, equipment and life-changing research for our youngest patients.

For more information regarding the NEO Kids Foundation:

Health Sciences North Volunteer Association (HSNVA)   

The Health Sciences North Volunteer Association (HSNVA), in liaison with Volunteer Services, assists Health Sciences North and community groups in support of health care through education, volunteer services, public relations and fundraising for the hospital.  HSNVA operates two businesses within the walls of HSN which are staffed mainly by volunteers and which offer unique services to patrons of the hospital.  HSNVA raises funds for Health Sciences North with revenues from the hospital Boutique and Lottery Kiosk. In 2018, HSNVA made its seventh consecutive donation of $150,000 to fund the Research Chair in Healthy Aging, held by Dr. Janet McElhaney.

For more information regarding the Health Sciences North Volunteer Association:


Among the top priorities for the new President & CDO will be to build trusting relationships with the Boards, development leadership and staff teams.  The new incumbent will work with these key players to develop a broader fundraising plan and strategy including goals that align the foundations and the volunteer association in support of the new strategic plan of HSN and HSNRI.  Our new President & CDO will foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration, helping players work together efficiently and capitalize on opportunities and synergies for fundraising growth and success, particularly in the area of major gifts.

The President & CDO will be responsible for the overall leadership, executive management, and success of our fundraising organizations and volunteer services.  The new incumbent will also serve as Chief Development Officer of Health Sciences North (HSN) and the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI).  

Strategic Leadership

  • Identify, plan and champion the implementation of creative ways to increase net revenues from fundraising, increase volunteer hours and expand the range of profitable activities from the HSN Volunteer Association.
  • Identify opportunities within the HSN and HSNRI Strategic Plan, Capital Master Plan and capital needs, as well as from other clinical and operational needs of HSN and HSNRI, for donors and volunteers to have the maximum impact.
  • Build broad capability by assessing the existing structure, team, programs and events to refine, improve and build on existing strengths and new opportunities.
  • Pursue synergies between the fundraising organizations (FO) to maximize net revenues.
  • Identify ways to capitalize on the strengths of Executive Directors, the Manager of Volunteer Services and staff members.
  • Benchmark the performance of the FO and recommend multi-year targets to guide the efforts of the FO and of Volunteer Services.
  • Develop annual business and financial plan in partnership with FO teams.
  • Recommend annual performance goals to the Performance Review Committee composed of the Board Chairs of the FO and of the President and CEO of HSN and HSNRI and report annually on progress made towards the achievement of goals.

Fundraising Leadership

  • Collaborate with FO Volunteers, HSN and medical leadership and FO teams to ensure a robust portfolio of major gift donors is established and actively managed.
  • Ensure that robust donor cultivation, stewardship and volunteer recognition processes and activities are in place for all the FO.
  • Lead the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of a portfolio of principal and major gift prospects, including individuals and foundations, and strategic partnerships with corporations and other organizations.
  • Prepare volunteers fully for cultivation and solicitation conversations, equipping them to talk in an educated manner about priorities and HSN and HSNRI at large.
  • Ensure the financial health of the FO.
  • Ensure the commercial operations of the HSN Volunteer Association are resourced appropriately and managed according to sound business practices.

Team Leadership and Management

  • Model and coach the values, attitude, work ethic and behaviors expected of all staff.
  • Create a positive work environment and culture so staff remains engaged, committed, and supported to achieve organizational and professional goals.
  • Oversee the recruitment and retention of staff, in collaboration with the Executive Directors and the Manager, Volunteer Services, including hiring, performance management, accountability, annual reviews and professional development with a focus on succession planning.
  • Align with and follow Human Resources practices, policies and guidelines of FO, HSN and HSNRI.
  • Ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors; investigate report, debrief and take or direct corrective action as required on incidents.

Board Engagement and Governance

  • Work closely with the Boards to increase their involvement in, and comfort with, major gift prospect identification, cultivation and solicitation activities.
  • Share major gift development expertise and equip boards to understand and focus on major gift fundraising.
  • Ensure that conversations about philanthropy commence at recruitment of Board members.
  • Support the Boards in fulfilling their duties with regards to approving annual budget, reviewing audited financial statements, and formulating policy required as per best practice.
  • Submit to the Boards of the FO in-year financial reports on a quarterly basis.
  • Support Boards with regards to recruitment, onboarding and training of Board members.

Senior Representation

  • Attend Board and Executive Committee meetings of the FO.
  • Attend Board meetings of HSN and HSNRI.
  • Serve on the Senior Leadership Committees of HSN and HSNRI and attend its daily huddles and weekly meetings.

Community Relationships and Culture of Philanthropy and Volunteerism

  • Develop positive, strong and collaborative relationships and partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to further the Purpose of HSN and HSNRI.
  • Take a leadership role in building a regional culture of philanthropy, promoting ethical and aspirational philanthropy and fundraising practices.
  • Take a leadership role in local community service organizations, demonstrating a commitment to volunteerism and support staff to do the same.
  • Take a leadership role in professional associations and industry groups regionally, provincially and nationally to implement trends enhancing philanthropic practices.
  • Work closely with HSN and HSNRI leadership to translate HSN and HSNRI strategic and clinical priorities into compelling donor opportunities that positively impact the region.
  • Ensure high visibility and reputation of FO, HSN and HSNRI by serving as a frequent presenter and resource, as appropriate, and in alignment with corporate communications, for community groups, regional media and charitable organizations.
  • Ensure high visibility and reputation of FO, HSN and HSNRI through a portfolio of fundraising, cultivation and awareness events, conducted by the FO and in collaboration with community groups and individuals.
  • Demonstrate leadership in educating the public about the role of philanthropy and volunteerism in healthcare.


Job Requirements

The ideal candidate will be an accomplished fundraising leader with particular proven experience in major gift development.   A skilled relationship builder who is both persuasive and politically astute, the inaugural President & Chief Development Officer will innately understand the needs and benefits of operating within a collaborative and coordinated fundraising environment at Health Sciences North.  Exceptional listening and interpersonal skills combined with a strong diplomatic communication style will allow the new President to effectively guide multiple stakeholders with differing needs, strengths and perspectives in achieving a common vision and goal.  Shifting comfortably between vision and operationalization, the successful candidate will take an active lead in developing a comprehensive fundraising plan that is aligned with the Health Sciences North new strategic plan, driving forward to new levels of fundraising success. 

With high energy, and confidence built on competence, the new incumbent will take ownership of the new President & Chief Development Officer role and will be excited about a dual role where they are essentially both the chief executive officer and the chief fundraiser.  A big-picture thinker and strategist, the successful candidate will proactively seek and explore untapped support and fundraising potential in the community, the region and beyond.   Innovative and entrepreneurial, the ideal candidate will be a compelling storyteller with proven success in communications, partnerships and community relations. 

Motivating and inspiring, the new President will care deeply about the team, appreciating the unique talents and contributions of each team member. Transparent in their communication as well as respectful and inclusive, the ideal candidate will recognize that the best ideas and solutions come from engaging others.  Encouraging and promoting true collaboration and team work, the new President will proactively seek and listen to ideas and inputs from the team and stakeholders. The new incumbent will identify team members’ potential and existing strengths, and ensure a clear definition of roles, goals and accountabilities.   As a strong mentor and coach, the Chief Development Officer will support professional and personal growth within the team, providing development opportunities and encouraging new challenges for the team to learn, grow and reach their highest potential.

A fair and natural leader with sound business judgment and analysis, the President will successfully leverage the expertise and resources of the Foundations and Volunteer Association, and mobilize people towards a new collaborative vision and achieving common objectives. The successful candidate will work to further instill best fundraising practices and the most effective and efficient use of existing resources.   With a high degree of personal integrity, the new incumbent will foster trust and mutual respect in providing excellent support, motivation and partnership to the Boards of the three Foundations and Volunteer Association.   A motivated builder and self-starter, the ideal candidate will champion fundraising and a culture of philanthropy while setting clear expectations of all stakeholders in realizing the common vision and fundraising goals of Health Sciences North and its Research Institute.

The new President & CDO will be an enthusiastic and willing contributor to our vibrant community in the Northeastern Ontario region and will truly enjoy interacting with all our stakeholders.   Authentic and personable, the new incumbent will invest time in understanding our community and our unique culture.


  • Significant progressive experience in fundraising, volunteer services, alumni relations or related fields such as business development, sales and/or marketing. The most recent three (3) years of experience should be in a senior/executive role.
  • Success in cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major gifts in the six and seven figures.
  • Superior interpersonal skills to develop and maintain a broad range of relationships as well as engage and inspire stakeholders both internally and externally.
  • Demonstrated success in effectively building and managing high functioning, multi-faceted teams.
  • Experience in engaging and supporting senior volunteers for fundraising.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with best practices in fundraising and a proven track record in leading or managing a number of fundraising programs and projects such as capital campaigns, planned giving, annual campaigns and major gift fundraising.
  • Knowledge of concepts of good governance.
  • Successful track record supporting boards and board committees.
  • Experience managing budgets and fiscal accountability.
  • Excellent track record in community outreach and the building of strong networks.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication in English. Ability to work effectively in both official languages will be considered an asset.
  • An undergraduate degree in a related field, master’s degree in a relevant discipline preferred.
  • CFRE, FAHP or ACFRE designation or candidacy toward designation will be considered assets.

How To Apply

KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has been retained to conduct this search on behalf of Health Sciences North. For more information about this executive leadership opportunity, please contact Sylvie Battisti, Vice President, Search + Talent Management at or (438) 820-3496.  To apply, please send a resume and letter of interest to the email address above by April 1, 2019.

To view the full Executive Brief, please visit:

All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence.

Health Sciences North is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a healthy and positive work environment.  

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Ontario Human Rights Code Health Sciences North will provide accommodations throughout the recruitment and selection process to applicants with disabilities.  If selected to participate in the recruitment and selection process, please inform Human Resources of the nature of any accommodation(s) that you may require in respect of any materials or processes used to ensure your equal participation.

All personal information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Health Sciences North is identified under the French Language Services Act.