FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Giving Hearts Awards

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Giving Hearts Awards


  • Can we nominate more than one person?
    Yes, but only one nomination per category.

  • Can I re-nominate a past winner, they are just so awesome?
    Individuals and organizations cannot be re-nominated for the same category. However, you may re-nominate them for a different category. See Past Award Recipients here.

  • What happens if our nominee is also being nominated by another organization?
    You can partner with other organizations to submit a joint nomination. In fact, we encourage organizations to work together whenever possible.

  • Where do I submit my nomination?
    We've simplified the process with the online submission form. It's super easy! See Nomination Form.

  • How long will it take to put a submission together?
    We recommend starting the process as early as possible as you may need to involve other members of your organization as well as collect components such as a photo and statement from your nominee.

  • When will we be notified of the results? 
    We will contact all the organizations who have submitted a nomination in the beginning of August to inform them of the results. We will also be scheduling vignette filming for successful recipients.

  • When is the deadline again to submit a nomination?
    June 12, 2020.


For more information or if you are ready to submit a nomination,
please visit Giving Hearts Awards. If you have any questions,
please contact us at givingheartsawardsvancouver@gmail.com.