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D2D Destiny Foundation

“Being a survivor of childhood leukaemia means I approach life with optimism, tenacity and maturity. I feel proud to have founded both the Young Ambassadors Program (YAP) at BC Children’s Hospital and D2D Destiny Foundation. Giving back to communities — in Vancouver and beyond — through philanthropy is a privilege for me and the D2D team. Not only are we affecting real change for youth-related causes, we are also learning new skills we can use in other areas of our lives.” — Arthur Chan

Giving Hearts Award Year: 
2018 - Recipient
Award Category: 
Outstanding Youth Philanthropist

Leukaemia survivor Arthur Chan was 14 years old when he founded the Young Ambassadors Program (YAP) at BC Children’s Hospital to make a difference for other sick kids. In 2017, the YAP celebrated reaching its $1 Million Fundraising Milestone. During his leadership of YAP, Arthur’s desire grew to create a way to impact more organizations who support youth in different areas — both in Vancouver and beyond. In 2014, Arthur and eight friends founded D2D Destiny Foundation with the mission of building communities by supporting initiatives and helping those is need with a focus on youth-related causes. To date, D2D has raised over $445,839 to support eight charity partners, including VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Richmond Centre for Disability and S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation.