Candice Tsang | Association of Fundraising Professionals - Greater Vancouver Chapter

Candice Tsang

“Over the years, I have always been questioned by people, why do we need to have an Asian strategy?  Are we creating segregation?  My answer has been, it is not creating segregation, and we are being donor centric. As fundraising professionals, we are so privileged to have opportunities to work with donors from all walks of life and all backgrounds.  Having an Asian strategy is simply helping ourselves make the most strategic decisions about where and how to dedicate resources to be inclusive, and being able to provide platforms to meet donors’ philanthropic objectives.  It’s all about relationship building and creating joy for our donors and volunteers.” – Candice Tsang


Giving Hearts Award Year: 
2018 - Recipient
Award Category: 
Outstanding Professional Fundaiser

Candice Tsang is a game-changer.  She is a tenacious, dedicated and action-oriented major gifts fundraising professional with a strong moral compass, a big heart and an even bigger smile.  Over 25 years, Candice has raised over $75 million to connect the power of philanthropy with the power of health care innovation.  She was the first professional fundraiser in British Columbia to establish and cement the connection of the Chinese Canadian community with the world of philanthropy.  Today charities from all sectors are emulating and leveraging this pathway of ideation to develop strategies to connect with specific cultural/ethnic groups.  The result: tens of millions of dollars raised to support a myriad of worthy causes, countless lives saved and whole communities positively impacted in BC, and beyond.