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Not Yet a CFRE? See What You’re Missing Out On


If starting or completing your CFRE application has been on your to-do list for a spell, now is the perfect time to tackle it.

It’s free to start your CFRE application. Only pay when you are ready to submit it.

More than 1,000 fundraising professionals in Canada are CFREs, committed to upholding confidence, ethics, and professionalism in our sector. 

Get what you want

Make 2020 the year you become a CFRE to start enjoying benefits including:

  • Higher salary potential. CFREs in Canada earn on average $25,000/year more than their non-certified colleagues (Source: AFP’s 2019 Compensation and Benefits Study).
  • Enhanced credibility with employers and clients. In fact, 81% of CFREs said they enjoyed this benefit after becoming certified.*
  • Enhanced professional opportunities, reported by 90% of CFREs.* 

Resources Galore

CFRE International now offers more resources than ever before to help you assemble your application and get your studying underway.

With our CFRE Ambassador Program, you can be paired with a CFRE in Canada who will share their tips and advice 1:1 to help you on your CFRE journey.

You’ve got this

Let’s make 2020 your best professional year yet. Begin your CFRE application now.

Have questions about getting started? Email and we’ll be happy to help.
*Source: 2018 CFRE Certificant Survey 

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